Woodson | W.CHD750 | Countertop Ductless Exhaust Hood (Direct)

  • Woodson W.CHD750 Countertop Ductless Exhaust Hood (Direct)
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  • Woodson W.CHD750 Countertop Ductless Exhaust Hood (Direct)

Offering incredible performance at a cost-effective price, the Woodson 750mm countertop ductless exhaust hood is an essential for any catering environment where in-ceiling exhaust systems aren't able to be fitted. Boasting a unique construction, the filter hood can be effortlessly slipped over your countertop equipment, making it exceptionally versatile and adaptable. Made with a powerful four speed fan and an innovative ductless design that incorporates stainless steel baffle filters, polyester filters and activated carbon filters, the hood cleans any dirty air released from your countertop machinery, recirculating safe and odour-controlled air back into your premises. The filters are also remarkably easy to remove, allowing for effortless cleaning to ensure your unit continues working safely and effectively.

Product features

  • Dimensions 1150(H) x 750(W) x 660(D)mm
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Output 10A, 500W
  • Supplier Model Number W.CHD750
  • Weight 70kg
  • Stainless steel filter drains freely to grease gutter and overflow pans for easy maintenance
  • Ceiling mounted fluorescent lighting is included and guarantees use of countertop equipment is simple and safe
  • Filterhood supplied with stainless steel square tube supports for locating on existing benchtops
  • Unit suitable for gas appliances up to 29mJ and electric appliances up to 8kW where AS1668.2 does not stipulate exhaust
  • Supplied with a 10A plug and lead

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  • Brand: Woodson
  • Product Code: W.CHD750

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