Moduline renova | RRT 162E | 16x2/1GN Tray Mobile Regeneration Oven

  • 16x2/1GN Tray Mobile Regeneration Oven
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A Reliable Ally

Retherm ensures the quality of results either with previously cooked or chilled food. The reheating process is fundamental to exalt appearance, consistency and flavour of food on the table.

Mobile regeneration oven. 16 x 2/1 GN, 88 plate capacity. Electronic control panel with 9 programmable settings, core temperature probe & internal runners. In-built water tank for humidity. Vented stainless steel cabinet. Complete with USB. 3 phase, 9.6kW power supply.

Rethermalisation/Regeneration Process

Appearance, consistency, flavour and aroma of the food on the table make a difference. When we are dealing with cooked and chilled food, these aspects depend on the quality of reheating, which is the decisive step before serving.
Moduline has developed a full range of regeneration ovens, suitable for any volume, space, and customer need (public canteens, hotels, caterers, banqueting, etc.) in which the sophisticated technology and design features ensure low power consumption, simplicity, full safety and easy cleaning. In the kitchen, problems of storage, hygiene and product availability are rapidly solved, thus safeguarding final quality and organoleptic properties of food. Ventilation, temperature and humidity within the oven cavity are calibrated and adjusted according to the product, for a final result above all expectations.
With its range including 25 models with three types of control, Moduline is able to offer the solution to every kind of need and demand of productivity.

rethermalisation oven

A Versatile Tool

Low power consumption, temperature and humidity control, ventilation and more... These are only some of the functions that Retherm can offer to calibrate and adjust its performance to the product, for a final result above all expectations.

Range Features

Please note these features are range specific, refer to product name, specific product detail and spec sheet to confirm of below applies to this model

  • Temperature from +30°C to +160°C on GRE-RRO-RRT-RRFF-RRFT models.
  • Temperature from +0°C to +160°C on RRD - RRFC models.
  • The automatic reheating programs, divided into 4 categories of products are the perfect starting point for your experience with a Retherm oven (only E version).
  • Manual cooking setting and recipe registration, offer the traditional convenience to the Chef service (only D and E versions).
  • Section for favourite programs, daily life and your experience always at your fingertips (only E version).
  • Recipes always customizable and easy-to-browse (only E version).
  • USB port: software, HACCP data and recipes always at your fingertips and keeping up with the work evolution (optional only on D and E versions).
  • The reheating programs can be divided into different phases (9 on the E control version or 4 on the D control version), thus allowing high precision of food regeneration.
  • Self-diagnosis system of the proper operation of all electrical components (only D and E versions).
  • The steam condensation system ensures a healthy workplace.
  • Automatic stop of the fan motors when the door is open.
  • The door locking system prevents the risk of unintentional opening during the cooking cycle; door openings would interrupt delicate cycles and compromise the results (optional only on D and E version).
  • MultiLevel function: Retherm is able to manage different dishes with different Cooking times or temperatures, indicating you from time to time they are ready (only E version).
  • IdealWarm function: the intelligent temperature decrease in the cavity at the end of the cooking cycle allows perfect warm holding, avoiding the risk of overcooking the food (only D and E versions).
  • ClimaChef system is an electronic and automatic feature monitoring the climate in the cavity to get the best consistency and always tasty and crispy food in a safe and intelligent way (standard on D and E versions of GRE range).
closed door RRO rethermalisation oven

1. Humidifier

Designed to minimize the water consumption.

2. Electronic control

Extremely intuitive and easy to use even by less skilled staff.

3. Available power

Installed power is perfectly calibrated to the use.

4. Handle and adjustable hinges

Always perfect and hermetic closure.

5. Plastic perimeter bumpers

Equipped with four castors of 125mm diameter, two of which with brake, and side handles to push and guide for a full mobility

6. Condensation drip tray

No more leakage and accumulation of water on the floor.

open door RRO rethermalisation oven

1. Water tank

Built-in, with water empty tank alert.

2. Periodic and automatic rotation reversal of the fan motors

Allows the perfect temperature uniformity in the cavity.

3. Tray rails

Easily removable and washable.

4. Door gasket

Made of easily interchangeable silicone resistant to high temperatures.

5. Tight-sealed cavity

The rounded corners and the integrated drainage system make cleaning easier and safer.

E version Control Panel

1.ON/OFF switch.

2.Encoder knob to browse through the functions of the oven and set all cooking parameters.


4.Chamber light key.

RROE Control Panel

5.4.3" touch screen LCD:

Basic Characteristics

  • Temperature control from +30°C to +160°C.
  • Time control.
  • Automatic programs for reheating divided in 4 categories.
  • Favourite programs section.

Cooking Modes

  • Ability to manage up to 9 phases of reheating for each program.
  • Reheating with core-probe.

Special Modes

  • Climate control in the cavity with CLIMAchef system.

Special Features

  • ProTime.
  • PadLock.
  • MultiLevel.
  • CoreCheck.
Product Width 950
Product Depth 965
Product Height 1920
Weight (kg) 170
Manufacturers Warranty 1 Year
Origin Italy
Fuel Type Electric 3 phase
*Above manufacturer specifications are subject to change without notice. If particular features are required please Contact us to confirm

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