Fagor | C-G941 | 900 Kore, 4 Burner Gas Range

  • Fagor C-G941 900 Kore, 4 Burner Gas Range
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• Funnelled surface tops, manufactured in 2 mm thick AISI-304 stainless steel.
• Laser-cut joints, automatic welding and polishes. Screws hidden from view.
• Hobs with dimensions 397 x 350 mm allowing the use of large pans and pots. The shortened distance between the central prongs, 75 mm, allows them to support pans with a very small diameter (8 cm). This also avoids the danger of small containers tipping over.
• The hobs are manufactured in RAAF enamelled cast iron (resistant to acid and alkali products, and to fire and high temperatures).
• Double crown burners and diffusers in nickel-plated cast iron, guaranteeing the even distribution of heat from the flame in the bottom of the pans, even large ones. This avoids the accumulation of heat at a single point and optimises the energy transfer of the product.
• Burners of different power ratings to adapt to the containers and their use with different foodstuffs: 5,25 kW (Ø 100 mm), 8,0 kW (Ø 120 mm), 10,2 kW (Ø 140 mm).
• Burners slot back in with no way of confusing their position.
• Low consumption pilots and thermocouples positioned within the body of the burner for greater protection.
• Gas conduction in flexible stainless steel tubes, making internal manipulation easier and facilitating any repair work.
• Controls set on a protective base with a system against water infiltration.
• High temperature enamelled cast iron flue protector aligned with the hobs, facilitating
• manoeuverability and supporting larger containers, increasing useful surface area.
• Access to the components from the front.
• Easy to use static GN 2/1 size oven or with dimensions 1000 x 700 x 290 mm (OP version cookers), with the controls positioned on the upper panel.
• Cooking chamber constructed entirely in stainless steel, making it easier to clean and providing better hygiene.
• Tray introduced sideways, making it easier to handle.
• Guides at three heights to offer different working options.
• Guides with “U” shape to prevent the trays from tipping.
• Temperature controlled by thermostatic valve (125 – 310 °C).
• Tubular stainless steel burner (two branches in OP version), with pilot and thermocouple, and piezoelectric ignition.
• Oven floor manufactured in 6 mm cast iron, guaranteeing better performance and even heat distribution.
• Fibreglass closing seal to improve the oven’s thermal efficiency.
• Dismountable oven door, facilitating repair.

• Plate to place over 5,25 kW burners.
• Water column.

Product Width 800
Product Depth 930
Product Height 850
Manufacturers Warranty 1 Year
*Above manufacturer specifications are subject to change without notice. If particular features are required please Contact us to confirm

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