Baron | Q70FTTV/G803 | Queen7 Gas Flat Stainless Griddle Plate Thermostat Cont. On Open Cabinet - 800mm

  • Baron Q70FTTV/G803 Queen7 Gas Flat Stainless Griddle Plate Thermostat Cont. On Open Cabinet - 800mm
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Like a true monarch, Queen has no rivals. Its stylish and graceful profile is sure to draw looks of admiration; it offers a host of ingenious, practical solutions, both large and small, guaranteed to provoke feelings of love and desire. It is a state-of-the-art hob, with a strong character, but capable of asserting itself with charm. It is the new undisputed star of every professional kitchen, designed to support and enhance every chef’s day-to-day creativity and passion.

It has something special that allows you to move around the kitchen with spontaneity”

Discover QUEEN.

  • Lowered griddle compared to the 4 cm top and tilted towards the machine front by 1 cm to drain the fat.
  • Wide drawer for fat collection.
  • Available with soft iron griddle or polished chrome griddle.
  • Stable flame burners with piezo ignition.
  • Independent controls every 40 cm wide module.
  • Temperature adjustment from 200°C to 400°C with thermocouple safety valve.
  • Prepare for love at first sight.

    Queen will immediately catch your eye thanks to several innovative and important components that enhance its functionality, safety and design. Every detail is not only easy on the eye, but also takes ergonomic considerations into account.


    The design uses the curve as both a distinguishing feature and an ergonomic solution to reduce accidental knocks. This is particularly evident in the attractive sides and new ventilation grilles.

    Front bar

    The front bar increases the chef’s comfort, protects against knocks, shields the knobs and means you will remain at a safe distance from the worktop. A practical space that is also ideal for hanging utensils, tea towels and anything else you would like to keep close at hand.


    The knobs offer optimum grip and help the chef to have the setting controls right under his eyes. The knob bezels are designed to avoid penetration of liquids and/or dirt.


    The handles are recessed along the top edge of the hob and create the striking optical effect of one very large handle. Their shape is designed to prevent knocks and accidental contact, whilst facilitating cleaning as much as possible.

    Origin Italy
    *Above manufacturer specifications are subject to change without notice. If particular features are required please Contact us to confirm

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    • Brand: Baron
    • Product Code: Q70FTTV/G803