F.E.D. | DP-7110 | Benchtop Hard Ice Cream Gelato Machine

  • Benchtop Hard Ice Cream Gelato Machine
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes and final product may differ
Hard Ice-Cream Gelato Maker DP-7110
  • Automatic Timer Control. Finished product quality is automatically controlled by setting the time required for the recipe.
  • Funnel. Liquid mix and flavourings are poured into the top, using the convenient funnel provided.
  • Single Touch Open Dispensing Door. Pull up handle to open the dispensing door
  • Easy to clean the freezing cylinder.
  • Mix Flow Regulator. Easy to read markings allow the operator to dial in the correct amount of mix flowing into the freezing cylinder for proper consistency.
  • Adjusts for operation from the front, back, or side, depending on space requirements.

Safety Features. To protect users from accidental injury:

1) Beater motor will not rotate unless the door is in place.

2) Finger guards installed in the opening of dispensing door.

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